About Us

Lakeshore Finance

Making lending simple since 1997

“It’s really important that my clients get finance that they can trust. Buying a house, finding the right loan, refinancing – all these things can be very stressful.

That’s why it’s important that we come up with a plan together.

Karen Perttula, Lakeshore Finance

Where it all started

Karen always had a good head for maths in school, and not in an abstract kind of way either. What she really wanted was to understand why things add up the way they do…

This ‘simple-math’ approach is why Karen’s clients love her.

Originally starting out in 1997 as a representative for a company specialising in family budgets, she began to appreciate how personal finance issues could be such a source of tension for so many people. Even armed with a well thought out plan, people needed more help than she could currently provide.

She soon realised that she needed to go out on her own in order to facilitate lasting change, which ultimately led her to becoming a finance broker.

Lakeshore Finance was started in 1998 and was born out of a desire to really help people thrive with their financial decisions.

Our Values:

Money should be simple. If you understand it, then you will be empowered to put it into action.

Money should work for you. The right choices can create real freedom if done right.

Money should be compassionate. Everyone has a story, it doesn’t matter where you are right now, what matters is where you want to go.

Lakeshore Finance grows

Through word of mouth, repeat clients and regular referrals, Lakeshore Finance quickly became a trusted finance business in Perth.

Karen has many clients that have spanned decades, some have even become close friends.

Fundamentally, it’s not just about getting you a loan, it’s about connecting people to their true purpose. One of Karen’s uncanny talents is her ability to connect people to one another, whether that be a new job, a relationship or even a new way of thinking. To Karen, you’re more than a client, you’re a person on a journey unique to you and she just wants to help you along the way. 

What’s happening now

After many years away and seasoned in life, health, and wellness, Karen has recently returned to Perth and the Mortgage Broking industry.

She is unique in the landscape; someone who has a lot of experience dealing with banks and finding the right product but doing so with the wisdom of life experience and compassion. 

Call Karen now and see how she can help you navigate your way to a better future.